Wind Turbine Fire Protection!

Interstate Fire Protection recently completed the installation and commissioning of fire suppression systems in each of the 5 new wind turbine nacelles on Jericho Mountain in Berlin, NH. Because of the uniqueness of protecting equipment in a nacelle sitting on top of a 300’ tower, Interstate Fire Protection, working in conjunction with Fire Trace, developed a plan of action to protect the control panel in each nacelle with a NOVEC 1230 Clean Agent Suppression System. Should you have a wind project in need of wind turbine fire suppression either in one of the cabinets or hydraulic pumps in the nacelle or a clean agent suppression system to protect the Control and/or Switch Gear Rooms on the ground, our Designers and OSHA Certified Technicians can offer solutions and execute installations to help you meet code and protect your investment anywhere in the United States. We are, after all, “Interstate Fire Protection”. For more information, contact Interstate Fire Protection; your wind farm and nacelle fire suppression specialists.

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