Your business is unique. Since Interstate Fire Protection represents four of the major manufacturers of kitchen fire systems, we can custom design a system for your specific need.

We offer standard or hybrid water/wet chemical systems. Both systems allow easy clean up after discharge while minimizing downtime. Hybrid water/wet chemical systems are cost effective for kitchens with large cooking operations. They are extremely flexible in design and in many instances allow for appliances to be rearranged under an exhaust hood canopy without the need to reinstall fire system nozzles to “fit” the new arrangement.

For customers with non-commercial cooking appliances where fire suppression is required, the Denlar Fire Suppression Range Hood is the perfect fire protection option. Operating on the same premise as commercial fire suppression systems and ventilation hoods yet installed at a fraction of the cost, these systems are tailor made for Assisted Living Homes, Churches, Public Housing, Dormitories, Daycare Facilities, Municipal Buildings and Public School Classrooms to fit their budgets and provide peace of mind.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

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