The introduction of the ANSUL LVS and Kidde KVS stand alone liquid fire suppression systems marks a shift in the ever evolving world of off road vehicle fire protection. While the environmental hazards remain unchanged for heavy duty machines working the forestry and landfill industries, what has changed are equipment themselves. Stricter emissions laws have resulted in more efficient turbo chargers and exhaust manifolds who’s temperatures can exceed 800 degrees. While traditional dry chemical suppression systems can knock an engine fire out, if there are any materials such as wood chips or refuse in the vicinity of the turbo charger or exhaust manifold, the fire will reflash. The properties of the LVS and KVS liquids are such that upon discharge, the wet chemical will cool these hot spots preventing a fire from reigniting. Add state of the art detection to this new generation to the internationally known ANSUL and Kidde brands and we have solutions for all your vehicle fire protection needs.

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