Huge Loss Averted by Fire Suppression System

Interstate Fire Protection has been servicing Lakeside Market Inc since 1999.

In the beginning they inspected and serviced our 2 dispenser fuel canopy and kitchen hoods. In 2001 they installed new fire suppression for our new 4 dispenser fuel station that was relocated on our property, and in 2009, upgraded our 24hr fueling station to an unmanned fire suppression system within our canopy.

For the first time, in April of 2010 we were able to see our unmanned fire suppression perform at our facility and were amazed to see the system in action protecting our station. A vehicle caught on fire at our station, and the system extinguished the fire and protected our station from a potential serious situation that may have occurred if it did not. Further more, once the fire was extinguished we called for 24hr support and within a couple of hours, Interstate Fire Protection was at our facility, and recharged the system so that we could reopen our fuel pumps.

We are very confident in the quality of workmanship, products, and service that Interstate Fire Protection provides us and would recommend them to anyone who wants a thorough and complete fire suppression system.

Leo & Sandi Binette
Lakeside Market Inc

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