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Clean Agent Systems

Clean agent systems use a variety of non-toxic, people safe and environmentally friendly agents such as Inergen®, FM-200 and NOVEC 1230. These systems are used in areas with sensitive data or electrical components where the introduction of water or other fire suppressants can cause either corrosion, damage resulting in critical down time.

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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Protecting your operations from downtime and your critical assets from fire damage is Interstate Fire’s number one priority. Being factory trained and authorized distributors for ANSUL Fire Protection and Kidde Fire Systems our experts can custom fit a suppression system for your equipment that will minimize installation space and maximize fire protection.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression

Interstate Fire Protection offers kitchen systems that are designed for today's commercial kitchen environment protecting your business from a devastating fire.

We offer standard or hybrid/water wet chemical systems allowing easy clean up after discharge while minimizing downtime.

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Gas Island Fire Suppression

Interstate's retail gas island fire systems help protect self service customers from the dangers of a gasoline spill fire.

These systems are pre-engineered to be astecically pleasing yet afford the necessary protection. The system may be activated automatically or manually via a pull switch in the retail sales area.

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Marine Fire Suppression

Interstate Fire offers solutions to marine hazards of any size from engine rooms to paint lockers to galleys all with Coast Guard approved suppression systems. These systems are effective for engine rooms as well as paint storage lockers.

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Fire Extinguishers

Interstate Fire carries a large selection of portable fire extinguishers, wheeled and stationary units, cabinets and signs for commercial, industrial and residential use.

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Other Products

Interstate Fire also carries a wide range of other products including paint spray booth systems, water mist systems, fire fighting foam, first aid kits, fire hose, emergency lighting, smoke detectors and high sensitivity detection systems.

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