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COVID-19 & Interstate Fire Protection

“Peace of mind”. While this philosophy has been Interstate Fire Protection’s guiding fire protection principle for almost 40 years, today this now extends into how we comport ourselves as a company during this health pandemic.

The health and safety of both customer and co-worker remain of paramount importance and to that end:

  1. All Interstate Fire has adopted the CDC Guidelines for hygiene and social interaction. Administrative and Sales personnel have been encouraged to work from home when feasible. Our facilities are cleaned and wiped down multiple times daily. The Technicians that visit your facility have also been practicing the CDC recommendations for social interaction. Technicians are frequently sanitizing themselves and their vehicles. All tools are disinfected prior to and after use in your facility. Technicians have been instructed not to share their tools and PPE gear.
  2. Any Interstate Fire co-worker displaying flu-like symptoms will immediately be sent home and encouraged to self-isolate until cleared by a health professional to return to duty.
  3. Should COVID-19 shutdown occur in one of our offices, contingency plans have been put into place to ensure Interstate Fire Protection can still offer regular and emergency service.
  4. All non-essential travel has been suspended and any employee who must travel via air will be required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days upon return.

Fire Authorities around New England have indicated that during this pandemic crisis, there would be no deferral of life/safety compliance regulations. With the actions taken above, Interstate Fire Protection remains open and ready to assist with your regular and emergency fire protection needs in a safe professional manner.

Thank you for continuing to trust your business with Interstate Fire Protection and we will be here when you call.